3 Step Guide to Being Yourself and Nailing Your Next Job Interview

suit interview

Have you ever gone on a job interview knowing you are a great fit, only to stumble awkwardly through question after question?

Everything was going so well:

  • You tailored your resume to hit all the key points in the job posting.
  • You researched the company ahead of time and learned as much as you could about it.
  • You even reached out to your network for some key insights about working there.

So far so good.

And now they want to bring you in for an interview. Great!

But why does your whole body tense up at the thought of interviewing? Now that you are finally getting some interest, why are you so nervous?
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You Never Know


I’ve been writing for the web since 2007. I started on my own site, The Writer’s Coin, which (at the time) was about personal finance, writing, and advertising.

Eventually, I focused on writing about money, but at the time I was pretty intent on making it work as some rare, three-headed monster where I’d write about money, writing, and advertising. And part of my routine in those early days was to publish three posts per day.
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How to Deal with Angry Coworkers

angry man

I once had a very unpredictable coworker. One day, she’d be your best friend and help you out with any questions or favors you needed. You’d think to yourself, “I’m so lucky to work with people like this.”

Then one day I’d walk in and make a joke or say good morning and I’d get a death stare. Which would make me pause—death stares are not a good way to start your day. Then I’d bump into her in the kitchen and it felt like she was really angry at something.

Something I did to her.
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Is it Time to Ask for a Raise?

If you read this article on Yahoo Finance last week, you might have concluded that there was an inevitable raise coming your way.

The article quoted a bunch of economic metrics and rates, but the gist of the both the headline (“Why you should be getting ready to ask for a raise”) and the article can be summed up in the third paragraph (emphasis is mine):

Finally, more than five years after the recession officially ended in June 2009, the job market is beginning to normalize. That means that the last piece of the economic recovery, higher wages, should arrive shortly. In other words, it’ll soon be time to start asking for raises again.

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How to Avoid Multitasking

doctor octopus multitasking

Multitasking at work is a bad idea. If you didn’t know that already, then check this article out. In it, the author makes the case that multitasking lowers your IQ, reduces your performance, and kills your efficiency. And—wait for it—it even causes brain damage.

Talk about attention grabbing. When you’re in between a bunch of different tasks, maybe you think to yourself (as I often do), “I’m a pretty good multitasker. Other people can’t handle it, but I know what I’m doing.”

Yeah well next time you catch yourself doing that, I have two words for you: BRAIN DAMAGE.
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7 Career Basics You Should Already Be Doing

basic building block

There’s always newer, greater, more effective advice when it comes to improving your career. Everyone wants to have the last word on what we should all be doing (and not doing) in order to be successful.

From social media to the latest tech tools—people love the new new thing.

But sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the basics. Do you have your career basics covered before you start to tackle the harder, more advanced techniques?
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