Working in Advertising: The Bad

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Before I got in, here’s what I thought working in advertising would be like: you come up with cool, creative ideas that help a brand tackle a tough problem. You’d struggle to come up with them but eventually you’d find the one you thought was amazing.

The best ideas would always win out and client would thank his/her lucky stars to have you. The rest of the time you’d sit around talking about books and movies (we’re all creatives, after all).

That’s what everyone would like it to be, anyway. Working at an agency has some great benefits, but it also has some serious flaws, and I’m here to tell you about them.
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Working in Advertising: The Good

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Before I ever worked at an advertising agency, here’s what I thought it was going to be like: you’ll be surrounded by other young people that want to do creative work. You’ll get paid to come up with creative ways to talk about a product and in between you’ll talk about movies, books, and music. The rest of the time you’ll pat yourselves on the back as you see your work in magazines, on billboards, and on TV.

For me, advertising was a way to get paid to be a creative writer.
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