End of Year Reviews: A Waste of Time?

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Winter is coming…

It’s that time of the year again, and you know what that means. Time to get ready for a most exciting time: the annual review.

On paper, it’s a way to recap what you’ve done, how well you’ve done it, and what you can do next year to do an even better job.

Some of you will drink the kool aid, dig in, and really try to get the most out of it. Others think it’s all crap—a pointless exercise that wastes everyone’s time and serves as a checkbox for everyone to cross off so HR is happy.

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Find Time with the Power of a Routine

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We all want to do things we aren’t doing. Some of us want to go to the gym. Some of us want to learn Spanish. Some of us want to crochet more.

Whatever it is, everyone’s excuse is usually the same: I just don’t have the time.

You wake up, take a shower, and head to work.

You get back at 6pm, eat some dinner, and watch a little TV to decompress.

You chat with your significant other, play with your kid (if you have one), and then you’re tired. Maybe you read a little bit to slow your brain down, and by then you’re ready to go to bed again.
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How to Achieve Your Goals: Don’t Just Flip a Coin

Flipping a coin

In case my last post didn’t resonate with you, I’d like to expand a little bit on the whole idea of creating a plan to achieve a goal.

Achieving goals means you have to consistently execute over a period of time. That means you have to put a plan in place that gives you a chance to succeed.

Goals and Coin Flips

When you identify a goal, there are two likely outcomes: you’ll either do it or you won’t. A or B. Heads or Tails.
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